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Scott Morrison Reckons Interstate Travel Will Be Allowed By July

Australia's Prime Minister has given people hope they might be able to hav…

“Here Is A Toy So He Won’t Forget Me”: Boy Leaves His Helpless Puppy At A Shelter So His Dad Can’t Beat It

Sadly, the world is not always fun and bright. Sometimes hard decisions have t…

6-Week-Old Child Dies After Staying Overnight With Dad Who Brutally Broke His Bones

Following the infant's death, the police, who initially charged Melendez wi…

Pastor Raped His 14-Yr-Old Daughter For 2 Years, Gets Shorter Jail Time For Being "A Man Of God"

The sentence for a crime of this nature is generally 72 years, but this 'so…

Teen Cashier Rings Up Crying Woman’s $110 Grocery Bill Then Speaks Up And Says “I Got You”

In a world where young people seem to be just short of narcissistic, it’s alwa…

Baby Boy Born Without Eyes Perches At Piano, His Next Action Has Dad Racing For His Camera

Patrick John and Patricia Hughes had thousands of dreams for their new baby bo…

Mother cat brings her ill kitten to the hospital, medics rush to help them

Recently, photos taken at one Istanbul hospital’s emergency room made a round …

Here’s How 30 People React To A Sign On The Sidewalk Telling Them To ‘Commence Silly Walking’

These days, we all have moments where we seriously struggle to stay occupied, …

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