Alabama man now first in the state to become sickle cell free

There may be a potential sickle cell breakthrough for those who suffer with the disease.

A Mobile man is the first Alabamian to become sickle cell free through a clinical trial.

For two years, Lynndrick Holmes says he underwent a gene therapy treatment at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in Washington, D.C.

According to NIH, the treatment involved taking stem cells from his bone marrow, fixing the gene that causes his cells to sickle and reinserting that gene using the H-I-V virus; minus the parts of the virus that cause infection. That last part of the process happens after patients undergo chemotherapy to prepare for the introduction of the new cells.

Holmes completed his therapy in March and he’s now sickle cell free. Researchers hope the therapy will become a cure.

Those who suffer with sickle cell anemia deal with intense pain when red blood cells become "sickle-shaped." They clog blood vessels and starve organs of oxygen.

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