Grandpa Hands $2,300 Cash To Walmart Cashier, But She Refuses To Wire It To His “Grandson”

Grandpa gets a phone call from his oldest grandson telling him that he was in a car ac-cident and needed money. Then a lawyer got on the phone with specific instructions about what the elderly man was to do next if he wanted to help his grandson. So, he followed orders and went to Walmart to wire the money. But the clerk immediately knew something wasn’t right.

Nowadays there are lots of scammers who try to make easy money by tricking vulnerable individuals, especially elderly peopleThe most common way of performing a scam is by touching the heart of the v-ictim and pretending to be someone familiar to them, such as a relative, a government official, or a famous company. This story should serve as a warning that you must always check the validity of the story and the person before you trust them with your money.

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