'I found out I was pregnant - and gave birth 16 minutes later'

This mum says her son Charlie was "meant to be" even though his family had no inkling he was on his way to join them.

Birth can be daunting, with mothers anticipating the event for months, writing in-depth birth plans and making sure they’ve locked in a location that best meets their needs.

This had been the case for mum-of-four Kristy who had given birth at St. John’s Subiaco to her first three kids, with her private obstetrician by her side. Things with surprise baby number four however were very, very different.

The Mandurah mum woke up feeling off one day four years ago, but put the stomach cramps down to an oncoming really bad period.

No idea she was pregnant

"Pregnancy was the last thing on my mind as my husband had had a vasectomy eight years prior," she told Kidspot.

In fact, Kristy says she didn’t have any pregnancy symptoms whatsoever, and had recently even lost weight.

Like many mums she put aside her discomfort and headed to a football oval with her children, Lachlan, 15, Cambell 13 and Kaitlyn 12, as it was the beginning of the kids’ football season.

Her mother-in-law Ruth was in town from Perth to watch the boys play and their only plan for the morning was to swap ovals at half-time so they could watch both Lachlan and Cambell play with their respective teams.

Watching from the sidelines Kristy’s pain began to get progressively worse.

“I started to think it was my appendix,’ she said.

“At half-time I gave my keys to my mother-in-law and asked her to take me to the hospital."

Kaitlyn, then aged only nine was charged with directing her grandmother to PEEL Health Campus as she was unfamiliar with the coastal city’s streets.

The pre-teen was also on the phone to Kristy’s husband, Ray, filling him in on the unexpected drama.

“Thankfully we got to the hospital fine and hubby was waiting,” said Kristy.

But Kristy, and her incredulous hubby were about to get the shock of their lives.

Shock discovery

“It was a rush to Emergency and they kept asking me if I could be pregnant, we kept saying ‘No!’”

The doctor requested an ultrasound which confirmed Kristy was definitely pregnant. Kirsty’s husband had had a vasectomy when she was four-weeks pregnant with their daughter Kaitlin.

After getting to hospital the family learned it wasn't Kristy's appendix after all. Image: iStock

“It had grown back,” said the amazed mother.

“It took two doctors to calm hubby down because he thought I had been unfaithful.”

Her distressed husband came around quickly after the doctors explained how this could happen, and that it wasn’t actually that uncommon.

While trying to process the shocking news, Kristy was under the care of doctors who weren’t sure how far along the mother-to-be was.

They decided to transfer her to King Edward Hospital by ambulance - but it was too late.

“I was starting to push at this stage so I was whisked into the delivery room.”

Having just been given the news that she was expecting her fourth child, Kristy had only minutes to get her head around giving birth again.

The overwhelmed mum says the room was abuzz with people, from midwives, a paediatrician and an obstetrician who popped their heads into the room. She credits her midwife Amanda with coming to her rescue when she began to panic.

“Amanda told everyone to shut up!” recalls Kristy.

“I was crowning at this stage and with her help he was born 16 minutes after arriving at the hospital. He was 6lbs exactly”

Charlie on the day he was born. Image: Supplied.

The surprised now mama-of-four was terrified about her new baby boy’s well-being, asking the doctor if everything was okay health wise.

Mum guilt sets in

“I was so scared he would be damaged! I was a pack a day smoker then and I would have been pregnant over Christmas and New Year so I drank a*lcohol as well,” the worried mum told Kidspot.

“I’m just lucky he was perfect.” she added about baby Charlie.

“I didn’t want to hold him at first. I thought if I didn’t hold him it won’t be real but the midwives tucked him into my tank top and then it was that instant love."

Charlie, pictured at age four. His family say they can't imagine life without him. Image: Supplied.

Kristy shared her story with Kidspot following discussions about Constance Hall going public after having her previous babies privately.

Kristy revealed she found her unexpected public hospital birth pretty reasonable, after her previous three private hospital births at St. John’s Subiaco.

“I’ve never remembered a midwife’s name before, and I was really impressed with PEEL,” she said.

Surprise kids! You have a new baby brother.

After only one night in the hospital, the new mum was ready to go home. When it was time to tell the kids their reactions differed, they were understandably shocked too.

“The boys thought it was the most disgusting thing out, but my eldest often says to me he will never forget the day Charlie was born.”

Kaitlyn, Lachlan and Cambell with their baby brother Charlie. Image: Supplied.

She says Kaitlyn has been like a second mother to her little brother, and that all kids have learned to change nappies and bath a newborn.

“They will all be wonderful parents,” Kristy said proudly.

The family can’t imagine life without their little Charlie now.

“ I tell him he was special and he was meant to be here no matter what. He had a guardian angel looking after him while I was pregnant.”

Kristy says that she still feels guilty that she smoked and drank while she was unknowingly pregnant.

How did this happen?

And what’s the explanation for not realising she was expecting her fourth child?

“Apparently the position of the placenta made me not feel movement, but if I did I’d put it down to wind anyway,’ she said.

The siblings with Charlie sitting on Santa's knee last Christmas. Image: Supplied.

“I look back now and I had bad indigestion. I also craved chicken salt, but they’re the only two things i can think of that were different. I worked 8.5 hours the day before (the birth).

“No way did I think hubby’s vasectomy would grow back!"

Source: kidspot.com.au

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