Ja Rule Bans 50 Cent From Detroit And Ridicules Him With 6ix9ine Photo

Ja Rule hits back at 50 Cent over the upcoming "BMF" and Supreme Team projects.

It's already been a pretty dramatic week in the world of hip-hop. We're used to seeing 50 Cent trash his rivals on a daily basis but in addition to that, his old friend Tekashi 6ix9ine is on trial in his racketeering case, leaving much of the rap community entranced by what's currently going down.

How will things end up? Thus far, 50 Cent has strayed away from 69's criminal case in terms of his social content. Instead, he's been busy dragging Irv Gotti and Ja Rule, his longtime enemies, for their upcoming Supreme Team movie. As a rebuttal, Fif went hard promoting his own visual project about Black M*afia Family but Ja Rule isn't pleased with how Curtis is going about the situation. He hit hard this morning.

"HEY FOOFY DONT WORRY ABOUT WHAT WE DOING WITH THE SUPREME TEAM MOVIE... WORRY ABOUT GETTING MORE P*OLICE SECURITY," typed the iconic rapper on a photo of 50 Cent and Tekashi 6ix9ine together. He then shared a repost from a BMF page, which effectively bans the Power executive producer from the city of Detroit.

"Please get off our di*ck and stop doing interviews speaking on shit you know nothing about boy," says the post. "You dont have your facts straight about #bmf clown ass n***a #youwasntthere You are just a groupie cuz trying to figure out shit about Real G’s and what happened 30 yrs ago when you was a little broke boy who couldn’t even p*ee straight."

The post continues: "How many times we gotta tell you this aint some fairytale shit made up by a bunch of white writers in Hollywood like #power Matter of Fact You Banned DONT COME TO DETROIT🚫You trying to use #bmf for street credibility cuz you have none❌You running around with wanna be’s & paid p*olice."

What do you make of this since-deleted scathing message?

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