Lindsay Lohan Looks Very Confused On The Masked Singer Australia During Big Reveal And Social Media Hilariously Shades Her!

As you may know, Lindsay Lohan is one of the judges on Australia’s version of The Masked Singer and her confused reaction when one star was revealed was something social media could not just ignore.

That being said, many took to their Twitter accounts to share hilarious posts on the matter.

It sounds like people are just confused as to why the actress is part of the judge panel in Australia since she looks so clueless about the country’s stars.

It became really obvious, really quick, that Lohan had no idea who the person behind the octopus mask was when she was revealed.

Her confused facial expression told all and social media could not help but roast her.

The memorable moment had Big Brother Australia host Gretel Killeen reveal her face, much to the excitement of everyone there – except for Lohan’s, of course.

The actress seemed like she was trying really hard to figure out who was in front of her.

That being said, a lot of people did not understand why Lohan got a gig on the Australian show.

‘How… did Lindsay Lohan land a role as a judge on the masked singer Australia?????? She has absolutely no clue LOL,’ someone pointed out.

Here are a couple of similar opinions: ‘Who’s idea was it to put @lindsaylohan on The Masked Singer Australia??? She literally knows no Aussie celebrities and will just have to stand there acting shocked during every reveal.’ / ‘Give the Emmy to Lindsay for her performance as a person who knows Australian celebrities.’

Users also realized that her guesses were really famous Australian stars which made them think she really knows very few public personalities in the country.

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