Restaurant Bans Young Boy With No Arms Because He Has To Eat With Feet

It was the first time three-year-old William Bancroft was going to IHOP with his family. He was understandably excited and couldn’t wait to get there.

Little William was born without arms and is used to doing pretty much everything including eating his food, with his feet.

William happily ordered pancakes. However, before he got to enjoy his food, the manager saw William use his feet to pick the syrup bottle up and he approached his family’s table. He told the family that the boy was raising concerns about the health code, according to The Washington Post.

Little William was born without arms and is used to doing pretty much everything including eating his food, with his feet.

Alexis Bancroft. William’s mom, was forced to leave the restaurant with her family and is now taking action against the IHOP manager. When the family left their table, a veteran and two women left with them to show their support for the family.

A baseball team that was in the restaurant and the children were asked if they had washed their hands. All of them revealed they hadn’t. So one of the adults gave them a syrup container to touch as a way to show support as well.

Bancroft says she makes sure her son always washes his feet before eating, and this time was no exception. “That’s all he knows,” Alexis Bancroft told the local station KARK.

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The distraught mom shared her experience on Facebook and asked if anyone had ever been questioned about washing their hands in a restaurant.

A number of servers from IHOP messaged her that they were deeply ashamed of what happened. ”I just wanted to tell you how deeply ashamed I am of what happened to your child today. Me and a few other servers were completely SHOCKED that our manager did that.” one worker from the restaurant wrote.

Bancroft revealed to KARK that the i*ncident at IHOP was the first time her child had been discriminated against in a restaurant because of how he has to eat.

The IHOP franchise has since apologized saying the company and its franchisees do not tolerate discrimination of any type. An IHOP spokesperson also told The Washington Post that the manager is currently on leave.

We think William is a little champion to be able to use his feet and be independent at his tender age!!

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