Deaf Man Adopted A Deaf Rescue Dog And Trained Him WIth Sign Language

Nick Abbot just adopted the sweetest puppy named Emerson. The man from Maine adopted the pup from the North Florida Rescue (NFR) center when the dog was just 12 weeks old.

Emerson had a rough start in life. The puppy and his siblings were rescued by the center when they were just 8 weeks old. Emerson already had a host of health issues.

In addition to being deaf, Emerson had been suffering from seizures and was not able to eat or drink. After all of these tribulations, the adorable little dog contracted parvovirus.

Although Emerson made it through the health challenges, he was not adopted because of all of the issues.

Thankfully, Nick came along.

Nick said that it was love at first sight when he met Emerson. Nick walked through the door of the NFR with his mom and Emerson immediately walked over and sat at his feet.

Since that moment, the two have been inseparable. Nick immediately recognized that communication would be a problem so he set out to teach Emerson sign language. Now the two can communicate with each other.

The NFR is also relieved. They said it had been difficult to find Emerson the perfect forever home. But it is obvious that Nick and Emerson were meant to be. Nick said that the two really understand each other.

Watch their beautiful bond in the video below:

This heartwarming story is sure to put a smile on everyones face, don't you think? After you have watched this sweet video, be sure to spread the love to everyone else that you know by showing them this story.

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