Genius Horse Pretends To Be Dead Whenever Someone Tries To Ride Him

I’ve been riding horses for over 24 years and so I can attest to the crafty genius of these big beasts. Don’t discount them as dumb simply because they let humans a fraction of their size boss them around… these gentle giants have brains.

Some more-so than others, like Jingang.

Jingang is a genius in the equestrian community because he has figured out how to avert exercise – my hero – in the most creative way. In fact, his hilarious antics are taking the Internet by storm.

Jingang doesn’t buck or bolt or bite; he’s a kind horse. Still, he doesn’t feel the need to cart humans around on his back.

And so, he found a way around the whole thing without harming humans in the process. Jingang simply pretends to be d/ead, and in an overly-theatrical way.

Not all humans like hard work. The same can be said about horses. Meet Jingang…

Frasisco Zalasar’s compilation video of Jingang avoiding his duties by faking his d/eath has gone viral on Facebook, accumulating over 634,000 shares and 83,000 likes.

Clearly people can relate to Jingang, especially on a Monday.

One minute he’s taking you for a ride and you’re having so much fun…

And the next, Jingang falls to his d/eath, rather dramatically

I mean, he goes alllll out

Closing his eyes to make it look like it’s really lights off

Some horses don’t mind being ridden, others even enjoy it… Jingang is not a fan

Sometimes he plays d/ead before someone even has a chance to put their foot in the stirrup – and down he goes!

As cute as Jingang’s habit is, it’s definitely naughty behavior!

Horses are truly incredible creatures, full of personality – I’ve never met two horses that are exactly the same. They all have their unique traits and quirks.

Jingang, for example, just loves horsing around – this guy was made for the movies!

It probably didn’t take Jingang long to figure out he could get away with this. After all, horses are quick learners.

It may take a human over a year to learn how to walk, but a baby horse (known as a filly, colt, or foal) can start to run in as little as a few hours.

It’s hard to get anything by a horse. Domesticated horses only sleep an average of 2.9 hours a day. By comparison, dogs sleep between 12 and 14 hours a day and cats sleep 12 to 16 hours a day!

While horses spend between 5 and 7 hours a day resting, they aren’t actually sleeping most of that time. Their full sleep cycle typically occurs after midnight when it’s dark.

Horses can sleep standing up by locking their knees in place so that they don’t fall over. Although, they must lie down to achieve the deepest form of sleep, rapid eye movement (REM) sleep.

As horses age, their sleeping patterns change. A foal may sleep up to 12 hours a day, while senior horses tend to sleep a little more than their herd mates as well.

Horses are herd animals and they strongly depend on one another, even when it comes to sleep. They take turns standing guard over one another while the other sleeps to ensure they stay safe.

In addition, horses can dream and will sometimes act things out in their sleep. It’s a rare treat, but it sure is fun to catch your horse having an active dream!

Sometimes when horses are sleeping it looks like they are d/ead. My mini horse tends to look like he’s d/ead whenever he passes out – and trust me, we’ve all gone running over to check on him more than a couple of times only to find he’s just enjoying an afternoon snooze.

Jingang isn’t sleeping though, he’s tricking everyone into thinking he’s not fit for riding – he’s d/ead!

Watch Jingang in action…

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