Good Samaritan Spots Woman Stranded on Highway, Gives Own Spare Tire To Get Her Home

We may live in troubled times but, as evidenced by a story out of North Carolina, there is no denying that there is still an abundance of honor and decency in the world. Our story picks up on a busy stretch of I-85.

The tire on Erica Christine Unger’s car had blown out and the young woman wasn’t able to fix it. Erica was already pretty flustered from the experience as she had difficulty getting the vehicle to a safe part of the road. Waiting on the side of the road for almost twenty minutes, Erica was happy when a stranger pulled over to help.

Teewon, the young man who stopped to lend a hand, began inspecting Erica’s tire. Pulling out her spare tire from storage, Teewon discovered that it was flat. Afterwards, Erica phoned her mother, who arrived 40 minutes later with her own spare tire.

As Teewon began changing out the tire, he discovered that the second spare tire was also flat. With no other option, Teewon decided that he would put his own spare tire on Erica’s car, drive the vehicle to the closest gas station, and then change out the tire again with Erica’s spare that he would inflate at the station’s pump.

Erica posted of Teewon’s kindness to Facebook, pointing out that the young man had just come back from a busy day at work when he stopped to help her. Erica added that while she and her mom offered to buy him dinner, Teewon refused, saying that the best way to repay him is by helping someone else in a difficult situation.

Erica closed out her post by saying that a hectic night ended up restoring her faith in humanity.

The post soon went viral, spread with the help of Teewon’s girlfriend, Ling Ling McNeil-Dixon. In an updated post, Erica messaged that the good Samaritan’s full name is Teewon Vaye and he is an employee of Wells Fargo in Charlotte.

Ever humble, Teewon says that he is surprised that his act of neighborly compassion is newsworthy. Speaking with reporters from WMBF, Erica said,

“He didn’t even think twice about whether or not I was a good person. He just saw that I was stopped, and helped me anyway.”

What do you think of how Teewon helped change Erica’s tire? What would you do if you saw someone stranded on the highway? Let us know in the comments - and make sure you pass this along to your friends and family!

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