Man Takes Homeless Senior Dog To Pet Store And Gets Him Everything He Touches

At approximately 12 years old, with a nondescript brown coat and missing his front right leg, King was hard to place a pup for Marley’s Mutts, a nonprofit all breed dog rescue located in Kern County, California.

While the sweet-natured dog had a rough life, to begin with after being abandoned and left to live on the streets, the rescuers knew there had to be a special home just waiting for King out there and were determined to find it.

Rocky Kanaka, a television host, holds a special place in his heart for dogs just like King. To help these hard to place dogs find homes, he features these canines on a television show known as Dog’s Day Out.

King was the perfect hard-knock case for Kanaka to feature after months passed without a single adoption application for King at the local rescue. Just because he was a senior with three legs didn’t mean King shouldn’t be spoiled and find a home to call his own!

Therefore Kanaka leashed up King and visited the local pet store, all while filming the encounter. When entering the store, Kanaka let King know the rules—he could have anything he touched in the store except the hamsters.

Then Kanaka walked the large dog through the store and permitted King to explore. Beginning in the toy section, Rocky appeared confused but Kanaka quickly jumped to the rescue.

Offering the brown dog a fluffy dinosaur, King gingerly sniffed it and the television host counted the timid approach as a touch. The first item tossed into the shopping cart was the dinosaur. King quickly began to touch all types of items from dog treats to a cat tree—and yes, Kanaka honored his promise. King may be the very first dog to own a cat tree.

After King’s episode of Dog’s Day Out aired, an adoption application arrived and was approved for the elderly pup. A woman had seen the segment and fallen in love.

Kanaka decided to celebrate King’s adoption by taking him out for one last shopping spree before he headed to his new home.

Have you ever seen a happier adoption story? Share your stories in the comments below! If Kanaka’s kindness towards King made your day, pass this story onto your friends and family to make them smile as well.

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