Mother gives birth to twins just 27 days after her first son was born

Mom Gives Birth To Single Boy Then Four Weeks Later Doctor Finds Unborn Twins In Undiscovered Second Uterus

A rare medical c/ondition leads to a woman giving birth to three babies, 26 days apart. It's a story that will blow your mind and make you wonder if it could happen to you.

Arifa Sultana is a 20-year-old woman living in Bangladesh. She comes from a poor family, so it can be tough to raise one of her own. She and her husband were overjoyed when they learned she was pregnant. However, they worried if they had the financial ability to raise a child.

Her husband is a hardworking laborer who makes less than $70 per month. Despite their limited means, they were going to give this baby the best life they could.

Back in February 2019, Arifa gave birth to a healthy baby boy. Everything went well, and she and her husband adapted to life as parents. However, just 26 days after their son was born, Arifa started having severe stomach pains.

She rushed to the hospital and found she was in labor for a second time. Everyone was in disbelief as her water broke a second time.

Alifa had been born with a rare condition known as double uterus or uterus didelphys. She had a previously unknown second uterus. And she was pregnant with twins. Her physician, Dr. Sheila Poddar told the BBC that "She had no idea that she had two other babies. We carried out a caesarean and she delivered twins, one male and female."

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