Nigerian mother of little girl with unique arm celebrates her as she clocks 4

- A Nigerian mother, Adetola Ogunleye, has taken to social media to celebrate her unique daughter, Tiaraoluwa’s fourth birthday - Tiara was born with one of her arms shorter than the other and the short arm has only three fingers - Tiara’s mother has now celebrated her daughter’s uniqueness as she recounted how devastated she was when she discovered her child was different.

Many children are born with unique or different abilities due to unknown circumstances and it can be a bit challenging for them to adjust or be accepted in a society. Well, has gathered the report of a pretty four-year-old girl, Tiaraoluwa Ogunleye, who was born unique. The pretty girl clocked four on September 5, 2019, and her mother, Adetola, has taken to social media to celebrate her.

As Adetola shared pretty photos of Tiara showing off her unique arm, she admitted that it was not always easy for her to accept her daughter’s difference. In a post shared by photographer, Mofebamuyiwa, Adetola explained that she was initially d*evastated when she gave birth to her daughter. The mother added that she had locked herself indoor for a whole year till she came to terms with the situation.

Well, it is obvious that Adetola has moved on from the sadness as she revealed that she is excited to have her daughter in her life. The happy mother has now become a limb difference awareness activist as she takes time out to school individuals on other people’s uniqueness and differences. See more photos of the birthday girl below:

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