Parents Dare Their Son To Dress As A Hot Dog On Picture Day

Usually, parents worry about their kids getting into mischief due to dares issued to them by their equally rambunctious peers. But for one fun-loving couple in Maine whose son went viral for a truly wacky stunt, the dare to do it came straight from them.

Meet Jake Arsenault. At nine-years-old, he's an adventurous and hilarious kid who's excited to be making the transition from elementary school to intermediate school. The Biddeford Intermediate School student needed to pose for his very first student ID in September.

A first identification card is a huge milestone for a kid. According to HuffPost, Jake's dad, Craig, felt the moment needed to be extra special. That's why Craig dared Jake to pose for his ID photo wearing a giant hot dog costume.

Before you blame dear old Dad completely for the dare, know that it was actually Jake's mom Kari who first came up with the idea after seeing the old Halloween costume lying around their storage space.

Initially, Jake was reluctant to take on the challenge. After all, he wanted his new peers to like him. However, Jake's spunky folks sweetened the deal with the offer of $10 if he went through with it. Since that's an offer that a nine-year-old boy can't refuse, Jake decided to put on the costume and just go for it.

Although the school was a bit skeptical, they ultimately let Jake pose for his ID photo as a hot dog, much to the delight of his hilarious parents.

"I couldn't be happier!" Craig boasted in a social media post, which was accompanied by a photo of the student ID card.

The post quickly went viral, racking up over 30,000 likes and shares. Some people heard the story and worried that Jake felt pressured to do it, but Craig quickly dismissed any a*ccusations that Jake was in any way f*orced to don the giant hot dog costume.

"[He's] a fun-loving [and] outgoing kid," Craig told the HuffPost, adding that Jake was the biggest practical joker out of their three children. He assured anyone who was concerned about his son that Jake was loving the notoriety.

In fact, Craig has a very special message for any naysayers. "The news doesn't always have to be huge [or dark topics]," he added. "[People should] stop and appreciate the [little] things that bring them joy."

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