This man has 39 wives, 94 children and lives in a 100-room house, still searching for new wives

A man from India with 39 wives, 94 children, and 33 grandchildren is not sure his family is complete. In fact, Ziona Chana is completely open to getting married again, which would bring his total number of wives up to a staggering 40. After reaching his 40th wedding, who's to say he may not decide to keep expanding his family even further?

Ziona and his wives, children, and grandchildren live in Mizoram state, which is located in a remote northeastern area of India. The entire family resides in a building that includes four stories according to Reuters. This large 100-room structure, which serves as the family's communal dwelling place, is broken up into various sections.

Ziona has his own private room but close by all of his wives sleep in a dormitory area. Scattered throughout the rest of the house are rooms for Ziona's sons along with their wives. One part of the home that everyone uses is the kitchen. The entire family works together to make sure that various jobs are accomplished.

For example, the family's daughters do the laundry and clean the house.

The sons work with livestock and perform the other farming responsibilities. The cooking is left to Ziona's 39 wives. Feeding so many people is quite a big job. Their average daily intake of rice is 200 pounds and 130 pounds for potatoes.

Though this type of family structure may seem unusual to most people, it's the norm within the religious group led by Ziona, which is known as "Chana." This sect was founded in 1942 according to Reuters.

Locals say see Ziona likes to have around eight of his wives accompanying him around wherever he goes.

Both their own resources and offerings donated give Ziona and his family the ability to feed, clothe, and house such a large group of people living under one roof.

Ziona married his first wife when both of them were young. At the time they met Ziona was 17 years old and she was 20 years old. Over the years, he quickly added wives to his family. In fact, Ziona says, “I once married 10 women in one year,” according to Reuters.

He also told the publication:

“Even today, I am ready to expand my family and willing to go to any extent to marry,” Ziona said. “I have so many people to care (for) and look after, and I consider myself a lucky man.”

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