Without Wheelchair-Accessible Home, Boy is Unable to Leave Hospital; So Shaq Helps Pay for Family’s New House

Photo by Atlanta Police Department (left) and Airman 1st Class Justin T. Armstrong / US Air Force (right)

This p/aralyzed little boy was unable to return home from the hospital because his house was not wheelchair-accessible—so basketball legend Shaquille O’Neal simply bought the boy and his family a brand new home.

12-year-old Isaiah Payton was leaving a high school football game in Atlanta, Georgia back in August when g/unfire b/roke out near the field and a stray b/ullet h/it the youngster in the spine, p/aralyzing him from the neck down.

O’Neal was just one of the community residents who was particularly heartbroken by the i/ncident—so when he saw an opportunity to help the family, he immediately stepped up to the plate.

Isaiah has spent the last two months in the hospital healing from the in/cident—but even after recovering from the injury, he was unable to return to his family’s one-bedroom home because it wasn’t wheelchair accessible.

O’Neal then purchased a brand new house for the family in the College Park neighborhood. Not only that, the athlete says that he will be paying the family’s rent for the next year with a little help from Papa John’s CEO Rob Lynch.

“[It’s a] nice area,” O’Neal told reporters from WXIA Atlanta. “We’re going to give her some furniture, TVs and pay her rent off for a year and help her get on her feet.”

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