3-Year-Old Bengal Cat's Fur Has Stripes Like A Tiger And Spots Like A Leopard

Thor is a 3-year-old Bengal cat who has a huge fan base on social media. The beautifully-striped and spotted cat is a crossbreed of an Asian leopard cat and a domesticated cat. Thor is truly a sight to see!

This Bengal cat isn’t just your ordinary housecat. To start, this unique breed has some doglike qualities. The cat was created after a domestic cat was bred with an Asian Leopard cat. Many third-generation Bengal cats have a very wild disposition that will not work well in human settings.

However, people all over the world simply can’t get enough of Thor. Thor lives in Kortenberg, Belgium and has been launched into stardom due to his gorgeous fur. Rani Cucicov adopted the cat in 2013. After being told how gorgeous the cat was over and over, Rani decided to make him even more of a star. Thor now has a following on Instagram and Facebook.

Bengal cats are artificially bred to resemble different exotic jungle cats such as clouded leopards, regular leopards, margays, and ocelots. The name is also in reference to Bengal tigers, large wild cats that have the same type of markings on their fur.

The Wild Cat Sanctuary, located in Minnesota, talked about the first-generation Bengal cats. They stated that they are directly descended from one wild animal and one domesticated one. That means that many of these cats are fairly wild and may not be easy to raise as pets. While they may not be dangerous to own, they can be very territorial. That means that they may not do well in a home with another pet in it.

Rani went to check out another kitten one day but was introduced to Thor by the breeder she had an appointment to see. Rani often feels like Thor's servant, but she does get a lot of love from him. Everyone in her neighborhood was shocked the first time that they saw Thor because they had yet to see anything like the unusual cat. Some commenters even believe that the family photoshopped the head of a cat onto the body of a tiger.

Have you ever seen a cat as gorgeous as Thor? Let us know in the comments and be sure to pass this article along to your cat-loving friends!

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