660-Pound Woman Loses 267 Pounds In Just One Year

Amber Rachdi appeared on TLC's show "My 600lb Life" looking for a change. The 24-year-old had developed an unhealthy relationship with food and was so overweight that she had an infection in between her folds of fat and could not leave the house without a scooter.

Amber was in need of a lifestyle overhaul, which is why she took a major step towards getting help.

Up to the point Amber appeared on the show, she was eating 4 to 5 large portions of food that included desserts and snacks. To combat her unhealthy eating, Amber had gastric bypass surgery and sought the help of a specialist to guide her towards a new fitness and nutrition routine.

The specialist only agreed to help Amber if she managed to lose 22 pounds without his help. Though she only managed to shave off 17 pounds, he still agreed to help and Amber eventually lost a whopping 92 pounds! Her entire family had moved from Oregon to Houston, Texas, so she could continue her new diet and fitness plan.

Just months later, Amber had lost a total of 189 pounds!

Amber met with the doctor again and weighed in at 253 pounds. She had a lot of extra skin sticking to her arms, legs, and stomach, and the doctor agreed to perform a skin removal procedure. By the end of the show, Amber had made an amazing transformation and changed her life for the better!

But once the surgeries are done, the weight has been lost, and the cameras turn off, what happens to the stars of these weight loss shows? Do they keep up with their new healthy lifestyle? Or do they gain all of the weight back and tumble back into their former selves?

Amber didn't stop. She kept going. And going. And going.

Amber stayed committed to her new fitness and eating schedule, and it shows! Losing weight requires discipline and determination, and that is something many people give up on when they don't achieve the results they want right away. Too often we hear about weight loss contestants returning to their former lifestyles and gaining back all of the weight they lost on the show.

It's tough staying motivated by yourself, which is why Amber's story is so incredible.

According to DailyMail, Amber has lost 267 pounds over the course of just one year. She has shown that she is unstoppable, and looks like a total bombshell in her recent Instagram photos!

We hope you're feeling motivated by this incredible transformation story!

If you're still eager to hear more about her journey, watch the video below:


She is such an inspiration, don't you think? Do you know anyone who has changed dramatically over such a short amount of time? Let us know! If you enjoyed this story, don't forget to pass this along to your friends and family!

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