7-Year-Old Girl With Alopecia Wins First Place In School's ‘Crazy Hair Day’

When Gianessa Wride was only seven-years-old, her mom began to notice that the little girl was losing a lot of hair every time that it would be brushed. Huge chunks of hair would pull out every time that she tried to work with it.

After a trip to the doctor, the family was devastated to discover that the child had a disease called “alopecia”. The autoimmune condition results in total hair loss that includes both the scalp and eyebrows – ultimately, neither will ever grow back.

Gianessa’s mom, Daniella, was upset for her child and even more disturbed at the thought of how her little girl would be treated. She was afraid that Gianessa might endure a lifetime of b*ullying because of her condition.

When Gianessa’s school recently hosted a “Crazy Hair Day”, Daniella decided that it was time to use the special day as an opportunity to celebrate what her daughter had rather than grieving over her hair loss. Daniella and Gianessa found adhesive jewels and stickers, using them to make beautiful patterns on her head. From flowers to owls, Gianessa was completely decorated along with matching earrings.

Although Gianessa was unsure how the school would accept her look, the other students absolutely loved it! Not only did she gain the support of all her classmates, but Gianessa also earned the first place spot as winner of the competition.

Daniella was thrilled with the outcome of the competition and says that she hopes that it will encourage her little girl to continue to be herself even as she grows older.

Gianessa herself reports that she was sad when she started losing her hair; however, she now loves being bald. Instead of looking at what she is missing, Gianessa explains that she feels like the other kids are missing out since she is able to decorate her head using different stickers.

Gianessa’s love for sparkly things extends beyond simply wanting to put stickers on her head; instead, she has big plans to become a fashion designer when she grows up her mom told People. With Gianessa’s outgoing personality and love for shiny things, we’re sure that she can do just that and will be able to accomplish all her goals!

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Source: apost.com

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