707-Pound Man Who Refuses To Lose Weight States "I'll Eat 'Til I'm Dead"

Casey King is not an ordinary 34-year-old. The man doesn't work, has no money, and still lives with his father. That isn't what makes him different, though. What makes Casey different is his weight -- he currently tops 700 pounds.

Far from being unhappy with his weight, Casey seems to have embraced it. In a recent episode of "Family by the Ton," a reality show on TLC, he said:

"I'll eat until I'm d*ead, probably."

He has no plans to shed the pounds.

"Family by the Ton" showcases overweight families that need to lose weight. Casey admitted on air that he spends most of his time eating and playing video games. Sometimes he watches TV. He sleeps late and gets zero exercise.

Since he's so heavy, he has trouble finding clothing that fits him. This means he mostly stays in bed naked, playing video games. He explained that in the games he likes, no one judges him by how he looks. He's able to be himself, the real Casey, without having to worry that he'll be rejected for his weight.

Being overweight isn't a new development for Casey. He's always been big. Over the years, his weight continued to increase until he gave up fighting it. Now, he and his dad have large quantities of food delivered, which causes Casey to continue his downward spiral. His weight has caused all sorts of problems. Bathing has become an issue. Most bathtubs and shower stalls can't accommodate him -- something he found out the hard way when he got stuck in one for around nine hours. Now, he's forced to bathe himself outside in a metal trough.

Do you think that's the case? Or do you think that Casey's father is hurting him by providing so much food? What would you do in his situation? Let us know in the comments - and make sure you pass this along to your friends and family!

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