Identical Triplets Born Two And A Half Months Premature Defy All Odds Set Against Them

23-year-old Becki-Jo from England is already a proud mother of a darling young girl named Indiana. When she began to feel some sickness and discomfort coming on, Becki-Jo decided to find out if she was expecting again. Sure enough, her test was positive.

She was elated to find out the news that she would be having another child. She was surprised when she found out some unexpected details after visiting her doctor.

Becki-Jo discovered that she was actually going to have triplets! She was the first in her family that she knew of to ever have triplets, so she was a bit uneasy about what to expect.

Thankfully, she had a successful delivery.

Three beautiful boys, Rocco, Roman, and Rohan, were born to Becki-Jo when she was at 31 weeks gestation. Like many multiples, the boys were small and needed extra medical attention. At just 3lbs 5oz, 3lbs 6oz, and 3lbs 10oz, they were sent to the NICU until they could put on more weight and get healthy enough to go home. This took approximately three weeks.

When the boys finally reached home, their mom realized something amazing about her baby boys. They looked identical! Though many identical twins are born, identical triplets are extremely rare. In fact, only one out of every 200 million sets of triplets born are identical!

Becki wanted to make sure her observation was scientifically accurate. She got a DNA test conducted to find out if she was reaching the right conclusion. Sure enough, the lab test came back positive, confirming that she was the mom of identical triplets!

Doctors had told Becki that the boys wouldn't be identical, but she was happy to prove them wrong. When describing what it's like to take a walk out in public with her boys she said, "We don't get anywhere fast because people are always stopping us when we're out and asking if they are identical."

Since their temperaments are all so distinct from one another Becki-Jo has no trouble telling the boys apart. The only time it gets tricky for her to tell the difference is when they're asleep. That's when she might have to check a few small birthmarks that she can count on to tell them apart!

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