College Student Stays Close To Dying Shelter Dog All Night So He Doesn’t Pass Away Alone

Pets depend on humans for love and essential needs, so the unfortunate ones who end up out on the street without a caretaker are often doomed to a life cut short from being h*it by cars or extreme cold in the winter.

These poor little guys have a hard life in the streets, and they don't know the comfort of a warm home where they can curl up and sleep peacefully at night.

Recently, a homeless pit bull named Watson was found by Janine Guido, a staff member of a Philadelphia animal rescue organization. Watson was one of the unfortunate examples of a dog who succumbed to the adversities of a life without a home or basic food and shelter.

Watson was found to have a large t*umor on his back, and he had sores on other parts of his body. The people who found the dog took him to a local emergency vet facility where he was given a sad diagnosis. The vet pronounced that the dog's c*ancer had spread too much to treat, and his time was almost up. Watson was sent to a local shelter to live out the remaining hours of his life.

Janine told The Dodo she believed the dog probably wouldn't survive another day at the shelter, and she didn't want to leave the pooch alone when he needed someone's compassion at the end of his life. She stayed with Watson so that his last hours would be as comfortable as possible. She gathered some comfortable beds and blankets for herself and the dog, and she cuddled close to him.

She stayed the night with Watson and let him know that he was loved. With the dog snuggled up close to her, Janine cried herself to sleep.

The dog woke the next morning near d*eath, and Janine was once again in tears because his final moments were approaching. He wasn't able to eat or drink anything for breakfast, but he was not alone when he d*ied shortly afterward.

It was a heartbreaking night, but Janine was glad that the dog felt loved during the last night of his life.

What would you have done to comfort Watson in his final hours? Let us know in the comments, and don't forget to spread the love by showing this story to your friends and family.

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