December Babies Have Several Advantages Over Everyone Else, According To Research

Babies born during any month of the year are special. However, there are a few indications that babies who are born in December have several advantages over other people.

They're friendlier and have more cheerful personalities.

There are a few reasons why people born in December could spread more cheer than others. One study says that babies born in winter are less irritable than those born in fall. That means December babies are often friendlier to others compared to people who are born during other months. Of course, this could also be because of the lights and all of the excitement in December along with getting a year older.

They might live longer.

There is an astounding amount of people who live to be over 100 years old who was born in December, a study shows. One of the reasons for that could be that people who are born between September and December have a lower rate of cardiovascular disease than the rest of us.

They are usually the youngest in their class.

In many schools around the world, the cut-off date to enroll for school is at the very beginning of the year. That means, kids born in December often turn out to be the youngest. Studies have shown that younger students benefit from their older peers and also repeatedly outperform older students.

They sleep like babies.

Babies, born in December seem to fall asleep faster and earlier than those born in summer. That´s what a study found. It also claims that people born in December are statistically more often "morning people" and thus more productive in the early hours of the day. This might be due to the different daylight hours in winter times.

Are you expecting a baby in December? Or are you a December child yourself? Tell us in the comments and pass this on to your friends and loved ones who would love to know about the blessings of being born in December. Spread the love in this wonderful month!

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