Dogs Wait For Their Homeless Human Owner To Get Out Of Hospital And Become Overjoyed When He Returns

Cris Mamprim, a nurse at Hospital Regional Alto Vale in Brazil snapped a picture of the sweetest sight. On December 8, 2018, in the early hours of the morning, a homeless man named César came to the hospital for treatment of a chronic condition.

He was also the caretaker of four stray dogs, each of whom waited at the door of the hospital for their human to return. Each stood watch, exuding love and concern for their human.

After some time, the dogs grew tired and took a nap in front of the door. These well-mannered pups were rewarded with entry into the hospital while César wrapped up his visit.

It was clear to the hospital staff that, despite their owner being homeless, the dogs were well cared for, with their shiny coats and healthy weight. César even revealed to the nurses that he often went hungry so that all four of his companions could eat, and proved it by giving the dogs some of the food he had received from the hospital.

Nurse Mamprim took to social media to spread the word of César and his furry family. It has since gone viral and received thousands of responses. People across the world have praised César for his kindness and generosity, as well as his pups for being the perfect example of love and affection in a world that is often lacking such things.

Would any of your pets stand watch outside of a hospital waiting for your return? Tell us in the comments and spread the word of César and his furry family for all the world to adore.

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