Florida Sheriff Won't Remove 'In God We Trust' Decals From Patrol Cars After Atheists File Complaint

No matter where you stand on the phrase “in God we trust” being included in a variety places, including at the masthead of local schools, on the sides of police cars, and in public buildings, you’ve surely heard about the debate of whether or not to include the phrase on public and government-run entities and property.

It’s an issue that people are very passionate about one way or the other. Although it’s just four short words, it has caused major riffs over and over again as the two sides face off on the issue.

One Sheriff’s Office in Florida made national waves and headlines when he refused to remove the phrase from his fleet of patrol cars. An atheist group demanded that he remove the phrase after filing a professional complaint. Their complaint said that the decals with the phrase were exclusionary to them as atheists. This complaint, led by The Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF), demanded the decals removed. The group is comprised of atheists and is based out of Madison, Wisconsin. The FFRF Co-President, Annie Laurie Gaylor, also wrote Ivey a letter where she complained about using taxpayer money to promote religious messages by placing them on police cars.

The Brevard County Sheriff, Wayne Ivey refuses to remove the decals.

Speaking with Fox News he said, 'I personally believe that our country is at a tipping point, and if we, as strong patriotic Americans, don't stand for the principals of our great nation, we are going to lose the America we all know and love!'

Do you stand behind what Sheriff Ivey is doing by refusing to remove the decals? The topic of removing the phrase ‘In God We Trust’ is such a major issue for four words. Pass this article along to anyone who you think might have an interesting perspective on the topic and on Sheriff Ivey’s stance.

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