Gorillas Pose With Anti Poaching Rangers For World’s Coolest Selfie

These aren’t people dressed up. They really are gorillas. It’s funny how they are standing around just as humans do!

These two gorgeous animals came to know life without a mother. Their parents were k*illed by poachers when they were very little. The good news is that rangers were able to step in and raise them.

Now, the gorillas have come to accept the rangers as family. They look to them as their parents and that’s just what they are to them. Just like any child, they have imitated their “parents” in many ways and standing just happens to be one of them. This is why they began to stand on two feet, because the rangers do. And why do they pose for selfies? It’s for the same reason, because the rangers do it. It’s nothing out of the ordinary to them. Have you ever heard the phrase “Monkey see monkey do”? It definitely applies here!

All gorillas that are raised by humans don’t always stand on two feet like they are. The Virunga National Park deputy director, Innocent Mburanumwe, states that he was actually shocked to see them stand like this in such a natural way.

He finds it very funny to see the gorillas imitating humans like this.

This selfie was taken inside of the Virunga National Park located in the Democratic Republic of the Congo at one of the gorilla orphanages.

Working with human like gorillas may seem like it would be a pretty cool job but it doesn’t come without some danger. Just last year, five rangers lost their lives in Virunga National Park when they were killed during an unpredicted ambush. Since 1996, a total of more than 130 rangers have been killed.

Some armed rebels based themselves in the park while others poach animals on a regular basis just like the parents of these gorillas.

Check out the video to view more selfies and learn about the dangers and other obstacles that the Rangers face on a daily basis in DR Congo. Have you ever seen any animal pose so much like a human for a selfie? Isn’t this just one of the funniest things you have ever seen?

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