Kissing Someone In Their Sleep Without Their Approval Is Not Okay, Says Kristen Bell

For decades, parents have supported classic Disney moves as wholesome, fun, and positive entertainment for young children. Kristen Bell, a Disney actress herself, has a slightly different take on some Disney princess classics.

It’s an opinion that’s recently earned her some backlash on social media and sparked some interesting debate on how Disney movies impact children.

Kristen Bell, who’s ironically the voice of princess Anna in Disney’s "Frozen,” says she reads nightly to her two daughters Lincoln and Delta. She explained to Parents that it’s her favorite activity because she loves to see their minds working as she reads the stories.

Bell doesn’t just read, though. She engages her daughters by asking questions and discussing the characters and plots of the books they read. Such is the case when the trio read the story of Snow White.

Most parents discuss stranger danger with their kids, but Bell uses an unlikely source for her case and point about what not to do. After reading Snow White’s story, Bell says she will always ask her girls if they find it “weird” that Snow White just accepts the witch’s apple treat without hesitation or question. Her girls reply that they do and would never be guilty of such, which Bell says makes her feel good about her parenting skills.

But, Bell doesn’t just have a stranger danger issue with the story of Snow White. She also asks her girls about the prince kissing Snow White without her being awake to give consent. Bell contends that the story undermines what she’s teaching her kids about s*exual v*iolence and a*buse.

Social media had a rather strong reaction to Bell’s “isn’t it weird” take on Snow White. Even Actor James Wood chimed in with a “looney feminist” comment. She’s been criticized for everything from her role as Disney character being hypocritical to simply just reading too much into what should be a simple princess story.

Bell responded to the backlash in social media by pointing out how far the role of Frozen’s Anna has come from Snow White and by reiterating that she just wants her girls to have critical thinking and questioning skills.

What do you think? Does Bell have a point on Snow White being counterproductive to messages like stranger danger and consent? Leave us your thoughts and opinions, and don’t forget to pass the article and question along to others.

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