Lion, Tiger, And Bear Become Best Friends After Being Rescued As Cubs

Just when you thought you couldn't get along with your sibling for another day comes to a story of unlikely friends who have worked out their differences in unusual ways.

They not only got over their physical differences, but they put aside their different ways of living.

They adopted each other in a spirit of brotherly love that is truly inspiring for the rest of us. Who are these amazing examples? They're a black bear, an African lion, and a Bengal tiger. Their names are Baloo, Leo, and Shere Khan.

These three began their early months in impoverished conditions. Not only were they underfed and suffering from parasites, but they were living in deplorable conditions in the basement of a drug dealer. It wasn't until a drug bust by police in 2001 that these animals were discovered and rescued.

The lion was suffering a facial wound and lying helplessly in a small crate. The tiger was starving. In fact, they all were. Officials arranged for these three to receive proper treatment and comfortable housing. From a neglected basement in Georgia, they went together to a facility in Locust Grove called Noah's Ark Animal Sanctuary. This is a non-profit rescue facility for neglected and abandoned animals, and these three were special cases.

According to the Inside Edition, on the first day at the sanctuary, supervisor Allison Hedgecoth could tell there was something special about the three terrified cubs. They had been through so much together that they had developed strong bonds. They spent their time together.

They groomed and comforted each other. With lots of space, good food, and kind people around them, the three began to recover from their early trauma. They started enjoying life. Since they'd had no nurturing or training as cubs, they couldn't be released into the wild. They settled into a good life at the sanctuary where they had acres of space, pools of water, and each other.

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