Mom Gives Birth To Twins, But People Refuse To Believe They’re Related Based On Their Appearance

While the sight of identical twins makes many of us do a double-take, a set of twins in Gloucester, England, stand out for a different reason. The 20-year-old sisters have gained some fame for their striking differences.

Although Maria and Lucy Aylmer share a birthday, their appearance could not be more different. Lucy is fair-skinned with straight red hair and Maria has curly black hair and light-brown skin. As reported by the Inside Edition, Maria and Lucy are the daughters of Donna, who is a biracial child of Jamaican and white parents, and Vince, who is white. The couple also has three other kids, whose appearance is closer to Maria’s than Lucy’s. For this reason, Lucy says that when she was a child, many people assumed that she was adopted.

In addition to their differences in appearance, the sisters say they also have quite different personalities as well as different fashion styles. Lucy has the more reserved personality, and she also prefers more laid back and casual attire. Maria, on the other hand, is more of a social butterfly and her style is a little dressier.

Despite their differences, Lucy and Maria love each other and the unique bond they share as twins. While it is very rare to find twins as different as the Aylmer sisters, their story reminds us that we all have much more in common than we are different.

If you are inspired by their heartwarming story, send it to a friend as a reminder that love is stronger than the superficial differences that divide us.

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