Mom Goes Into Labor For The Third Time And After Baby Arrives, Doctor Starts Pulling 2 More Out

When Angie and Gino, her husband, found out that they were pregnant, they were thrilled. They already had 2 boys and were hoping to be able to give them a little sister!

If the idea of having a girl wasn't big enough for the family, they soon found out that they would be having 3 of them!

The 2 were stunned to hear that they were soon going to be the parents of 5 children instead of just the 3 that they expected. While being pregnant with triplets is certainly exciting, it also comes with some risks.

They found out that 2 of the children, Anabella and Camilla, were identical twins who shared the same placenta while Daniella was a fraternal triplet. Angie's doctors warned her that one of the identical sisters may not grow properly due to the shared placenta.

Other risks of multiples include brain b*leeds and lungs that are underdeveloped. While the family hoped for the best, their anxiety ran high when they found out that one of the identical girls was getting too much liquid while the other wasn't getting enough.

At 27 weeks along, Angie was h*ospitalized so she could be monitored by medical staff. While it may have been hard for both her and her family for her to not be at home, she wanted the best for her babies.

Angie knew that "Anything could happen," during the rest of her pregnancy and she tried to prepare herself for every possibility. If you watch the video below, you will get to see the birth of these 3 sisters, or "three stars" as Gino calls them.

Angie is wheeled into the delivery room at 3 minutes and 45 seconds into the video and it gives us a raw look into triplets coming into the world.

How did this video and story impact you? Do you have any triplets in your life or anyone that is expecting? The entire video will touch your heart and anyone else who gets the opportunity to watch!

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