Mom On Birth Control Gets Pregnant With Triplets On The First Date

Hannah Donaghue from Northampton, UK, has had the p*ill fail on her three times.

The first time that the p*ill failed to do its job, she was only 18 years old and living in a one-bedroom apartment.

She definitely was not in the position to start a family when she found out that she had a baby on the way.

Fortunately for Hannah, she took easily to motherhood because she had been working in a nursery. Just a few months after Megan was born, Hannah realized that she had missed her period again, she told The Daily Mail.

This came as a shock to her because she had been taking the p*ill religiously at the same time every day. Nine months later, Hannah welcomed little Charlie into the picture. While it was not perfectly planned, Hannah delighted in being a mom to two precious little girls.

However, it was clear that the pill was just not for her. She went off of the p*ill and switched her method of birth control to an implant. After eight years of using the implant, she began experiencing issues with it and decided to take her chance with the p*ill again.

Shortly after making the switch, Hannah ran into an old friend at a party. According to Hannah, she and Ben still had chemistry and they ended up going home together that night.

A few weeks later, Hannah woke up with b*lood in her pajamas and went straight to the hospital. While being examined, she was informed that she was indeed pregnant again. But this time, she was pregnant with three babies. Can you even imagine the shock?

Once she got over the surprise of a lifetime, Hannah realized that it was meant to be.

"During my pregnancy Ben and I began dating properly. Even though we were expecting three children together, we didn't want to rush things," Hannah told the Daily Mail.

Hannah and Ben now live together with their triplets, her two other children, and Ben's daughter from a previous relationship.

Although the pregnancies were unexpected, there is no denying the love in their sweet photo. After you check out the picture of Hannah and her adorable triplets, be sure to spread the love to everyone else that you know.

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