Mom Urges Warning After Daughter Passes Away From Using Toothpaste

Although she is deeply heartbroken, Monique Altamirano is using her grief to spread the message about the importance of reading labels. Monique's daughter, Denise, passed away after using a new toothpaste.

The 11-year-old was severely allergic to all dairy products, however, her mother did not think to read the label of the new toothpaste which contained milk products.

Monique said that Denise was excited to try out the new product. However, it did not take long for Monique to realize that something was terribly wrong. Denise could not breathe and her lips started turning blue within seconds of using the toothpaste according to a social media post.

The frantic mother called 911 and administered the Epi-pen to her daughter.

Sadly, it was too late and Denise was already having a full-blown allergic reaction that could not be reversed. Denise's oxygen had been cut off by the product and she passed away in the hospital two days later.

Understandably, Monique feels responsible for her daughter's d*eath because she did not read the label of the toothpaste according to Allergic Living.

Because she knows that she cannot bring back her little girl, she is channeling her grief into spreading awareness of the importance of reading all labels and not just food labels. Monique said that it is vital that parents of allergy kids do not become complacent.

After you have read more about this horrifying story, be sure to spread the message. It is important that you spread this message of vigilance to as many people as you can.

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