Morgan Freeman Converts 124-Acre Ranch Into Sanctuary To Save Dying Bee Population

It seems everyone loves a good film that includes an appearance from Morgan Freeman.

Moviegoers have enjoyed performances from Freeman that range from 'March of the Penguins' to 'Driving Miss Daisy.'

It seems there is nothing the iconic voiced 82-year-old actor hasn't done in the industry.

And now we learn Freeman has quite a passion for beekeeping. The actor first mentioned this hobby in 2014 while being interviewed by Jimmy Fallon.

Freeman was fairly new to beekeeping at the time of the interview and explained the biggest thing he had learned up to that point was he did not need to wear a bee suit to feed the bees.

Freeman reported he had never been stung by a bee and did not plan for this to happen. Fallon chuckled while telling Freeman his confidence may amount to a rookie mistake.

The conversation with Fallon may have been lighthearted but Freeman's passion for beekeeping is serious. Not only has the legendary actor stuck to the hobby but now plans a great expansion.

In 2016, Freeman spoke to Larry King about his concern for the bee population. He even called out the Government and Agricultural biotechnology giant Monsanto for what he describes as a "frightening loss of bee colonies".

According to Forbes, he is so committed to bee preservation he recently converted a 124-acre property he owns in Mississippi into a bee sanctuary. Freeman says he is not concerned with harvesting honey from the bees. He says he only wishes to contribute to the safety and protection of the species.

NBC News published an article in 2018 that explained the bee population in Amsterdam is fairing much better than their counterparts in America. The thriving bee population in Amsterdam has been credited to a friendly environment for bees that includes a pesticide ban.

The ranch Freeman maintains is also quite friendly to the bees that inhabit the ranch. The property is home to large magnolia trees, as well as clover, lavender, and other bee-favorite flora.

What do you think about the efforts of Morgan Freeman to save and preserve the bee population? Do you think others should join him in his efforts to save the bees? Pass this article to your friends and family on social media. It will spark healthy and interesting conversations.

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