Mother Gave A ‘Review’ Of 2-Month-Old Daughter With Down Syndrome

A new mother from Salt Lake City, Utah used humor and sweetness to spread awareness about Down Syndrome to her friends and family and the message quickly went viral.

Jessica Egan and her husband had struggled with infertility for years before they finally got the happy news that they had been waiting to hear for so long. However, the joy was short-lived.

When Jessica was only 11 weeks pregnant, the couple found out through a blood test that the baby had Trisomy 21, more commonly known as Down Syndrome.

Jessica said to Mamamia that she felt complete devastation when she learned of the diagnosis. She had waited so long for this dream to come true and then she was worried that the baby would never be accepted or celebrated as it should. Jessica said that she spent three days crying at home before she was able to tell anyone else of the news.

The couple set out to educate themselves so that they could prepare for the birth of their little girl. They learned that Down Syndrome is the result of abnormal cell division in utero and that approximately 5,300 babies are born with the disorder in the US every year.

Once they learned more about Down Syndrome, they became more comfortable with the diagnosis. Baby Gwendolyn was born into great love to two parents who were committed to giving her the best in life.

When Gwendolyn was only two-months-old, Jessica took to social media to post a mock review of her experience so far. The post was both touching and funny, making it clear how much she adores her daughter and encouraging other parents to place an order for extra chromosomes as well.

Although the post was initially meant for her friends and family, it quickly went viral and has been shared over 74,000 times already. Jessica said that she wants people to find comfort in her words and to also be more open to people with chromosomal abnormalities.

You will melt when you see these sweet pictures of Gwendolyn. Be sure to spread this story to everyone else that you know so that this important message is heard.

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