Mother's Realistic Prank Draws Criticism After It Leaves Her Children Scared And In Tears

Renae Johnson and her kids enjoy playing pranks on each other, but her latest prank may have gone too far for some people's tastes. This realistic prank has gone viral with over 15 million views on social media.

Renae felt that the upcoming Halloween preparations were the perfect opportunity to provide a good scare to her kids. She said that she saw a prank on social media that gave her inspiration to be lying in pain on the floor when the kids returned home from school. The staged event actually makes it look like her tongue has been pierced with scissors. There is also a note asking for the kids to call for help.

Renae was satisfied with their terrified reaction, but it seems somewhat excessive. The level of realism that is seen in the video has some people reacting with judgment about how extreme this prank was.

The video captures the mom holding a fake tongue that is impaled by a pair of scissors. Renae begins the video by explaining to the camera what her plan is with the prank and that she is eager to see what the kids' reaction will be. When her son walks through the door, she starts moaning.

The boy starts to cry. When the little girl comes in and sees the horrifying scene, she becomes hysterical and starts screaming in t*error. The mom immediately begins laughing with glee over the genuine terror that her kids are experiencing.

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