No One Shows Up To Boy’s Chuck E. Cheese Birthday, Then Employee Calls Mom And Asks Them To Come Back In

There's nothing more heartbreaking than seeing your child experience sadness of any kind, especially if it is beyond your control. This was the case for mother Angel Kazanis, when she invited 30 of her son Evan's friends and classmates to his birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese, only to have none of them show up.

Trying to stay strong, Angel's heart broke for her son Evan, as he watched the door, which none of his invited guests walked through. The hearts of the staff members broke as well. One staff member in particular, Taylor Inzinna, had to hide her tears from the boy and mother by running back into the kitchen as she told Inside Edition.

While in there, she decided to find a way to make the little boy smile for his birthday.

Heading on to social media, she posted to the public about the heartbreaking event she had witnessed that day - and the public responded overwhelmingly.

The astounding reply that Taylor Inzinna received from strangers and friends led her to call Evan's mother back several days later, asking her to return to Chuck E. Cheese with Evan. Curiosity piqued, Angel agreed. Upon returning, Angel was beside herself at the kindness these strangers had bestowed upon her and her son, all to make sure he had the great birthday she knew he deserved.

You can see their special surprise in the video below:

Acts of generosity such as these are the kind that keep us uplifted. What is the kindest thing a stranger has ever done for you or someone you know? Leave us a comment and pass this story on!

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