Princess Diana Said Prince Charles Truly 'Broke Her Heart' When Camilla Phoned Him One Day

There is something about royal love that captures the imagination. When Britain’s Prince Harry married American actress Meghan Markle, the entire world took an interest in their love story.

Many made comparisons between Prince Harry’s wedding ceremony and the wedding between his mother, Princess Diana, and his father, Prince Charles, decades earlier.

Although the relationship between Charles and Diana initially appeared to be a fairy tale, it turned out that the union was not quite as idyllic as it seemed. After the dissolution of their 15-year marriage, it became clear that one of the primary issues negatively impacting the relationship between Prince Charles and Princess Diana was the fact that Charles still had feelings for a woman he had previously dated, Camilla Parker Bowles.

In the book "Charles: A Biography," quoted in The Express, author Anthony Holden recounted an i*ncident that happened even before Charles and Diana's royal wedding that foreshadowed trouble ahead. Only a month after becoming engaged, Charles was leaving for a tour of New Zealand and Australia without his new fiancée.

Diana stopped by to see him off before he left, but their time together was cut short when Charles chose to take a phone call. The call was from Camilla, and Diana could tell from the tone of the call that what Charles felt for her was much more than friendship. She left the room in tears.

Even though Diana had her suspicions, she still moved forward with her marriage to Prince Charles. During this time, Camilla was married to a man named Andrew Parker Bowles who was also friends with Prince Charles. The two couples occasionally hung out together, and Andrew even coordinated security for the royal wedding between Charles and Diana.

This also meant that Camilla was one of the many guests at the wedding. Years later, the affection that Diana picked up on between Camilla and her husband Prince Charles developed into a full-blown extramarital affair.

The Telegraph reported that Princess Diana decided to confront Camilla about her affair with Prince Charles. Diana made an unexpected appearance at a 40th birthday party for Camilla's sister in 1989.When she arrived, she found Charles and Camilla casually chatting with another man. She approached Camilla and took her aside to have a private conversation. She pushed through her nerves and told Camilla that she knew about her affair with Prince Charles.

According to the newspaper report, Camilla did not deny the affair. In fact, she told Diana that because she had beautiful children and the love and admiration of men all over the world, she should be satisfied with that.

Diana told Camilla in no uncertain terms that she would settle for nothing less than having her husband, Prince Charles, honor their marriage vows and end his relationship with Camilla. She told Camilla that she felt motivated to say something because she and Prince Charles were treating her like an idiot.

Although the story of Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s failed marriage is a tale of hope dashed by heartbreak, it did result in the birth of two beautiful sons that both Charles and Diana loved. Send this story of royal love gone wrong to someone you know who needs a reminder that sometimes a good thing can be salvaged from a bad situation.

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