Proud Son Talks About What It Was Like Being Raised By A Father With Down Syndrome

Parents who provide a nurturing home give their children the foundation they need for a stable, successful future. But how would it impact a child's life to be raised by a parent with Down Syndrome?

A young man from Syria whose name is Sader Issa has been brought up in this exact type of home. He is extremely grateful for the love and care he has gotten from his father who has this condition.

Sader's childhood was actually a very happy one. His dad, Jad Issa, went out of his way to be the best father to Sader that he could possibly be. In spite of the challenges of their situation, the family learned to thrive as a close-knit unit.

Jad works hard at the local mill to provide for his family's needs. Sader loves going with his father to his workplace on a regular basis. The people who live near and work with Jad treat him with the respect and kindness he deserves. Jad is known as a man of great sincerity, compassion, and devotion. Sader is extremely proud of his father, who has always shown him plenty of love and support over the years.

Jad is so proud of Sader and all of his accomplishments. Sader is studying to become a dentist. Whenever Jad and Sader are introduced to someone new Jad lets them know right away about his son's success in learning to be a dentist. Nothing makes Sader happier than knowing that he is his father's pride and joy he told Bored Panda.

Sader is also grateful that his grandmother gave birth to his father. For a woman, finding out that her child has Down Syndrome isn't always easy news to hear. Children born with this condition have special needs and require extra care.

Sader is forever thankful that his dad's mother rose to the occasion. He knows that without her dedication both he and his father Jad wouldn't be where they are today. Sader is raising money to try and make a film based on the courageous and heartwarming story of his family.

What are your thoughts about Jad, Sader, their family, and their commitment to one another? Are you as amazed by their inspiring story as we are? Let us know in the comments below! Pass this story along to remind everyone in your life that love is powerful enough to overcome adversity.

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