Robin Williams Quietly Raised $50,000 To Feed The Poor Before He Passed Away

Even more than five years after his t*ragic d*eath, Robin Williams is still being celebrated as an incredible entertainer and a fantastic human being.

The news of his s*uicide in August of 2014 hit many people hard.

The global star was mourned by millions of people all over the world.

Williams was only 63 when he took his own life, shocking his friends, family, and all of his many fans.

While Williams was an accomplished comedian and actor, many people are unaware of how truly giving he was during his life. Williams was always giving back to the community, not even needing to get credit for all of his unselfish acts of generosity.

Although it has been years since the world lost this bright light, stories of his giving personality continue to leak out. Everyone knew how funny and kind Williams was. Now people begin to realize how incredibly generous he also was.

According to KING 5-TV in Seattle, Williams was instrumental in raising almost $50,000 for a food bank in the local area between 2004 and 2008. The giving cycle began after Williams performed a stand-up routine in Seattle. Williams demonstrated his big heart when he donated all of the revenue from that show to the West Seattle Food Bank. Despite all of his fame and popularity, Williams never needed recognition for his kindness and generosity.

Williams went back to Seattle both in 2007 and then again in 2008 to perform his hilarious stand-up comedy routine. Each time, he continued the tradition of donating the proceeds to the West Seattle Food Bank. Over the course of those performances, he raised almost $50,000 for this organization that serves thousands of needy families each year.

According to Today, West Seattle Food Bank executive director Fran Yeatts said that Williams truly understood that there are people in this world who are really struggling. It is clear that he wanted to do all that he could to help those in need. He was an honorable man who used his talents for the greater good of society.

Williams was an inspiration to many of the volunteers at the food bank. Despite his internal struggles, he still managed to be a shining example of what it means to be a good human. According to Today, Food bank volunteer Aaron Ellis said that he credits his sobriety to Williams. Ellis was lucky enough to meet Williams during one of his visits to Seattle, solidifying the respect that he had for this all-around nice guy.

The legacy of Williams should be honored. You can do your part by spreading this story and these pictures to as many people as you know. Williams should be celebrated for all that he accomplished over his lifetime.

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