Saggitarius, Leo, And Aries Are Star Signs That Can Be Aggressive

We've all been angry before. Sometimes that's simply because you got up on the wrong side of the bed or experienced something particularly frustrating.

But there are three signs of the zodiac that are particularly well known for their impulsive minds who simply can't control their anger.

Angry fits, being moody and a temper is a par for the course with these ones. It's no wonder that it's the fire signs that are easily irritated: Sagittarius, Leo and Aries. Here we explain which signs of the zodiac go off when and how they calm down again.


The Aries wants to tackle everything with their horns, which perfectly describes their personality. By nature, the Aries can be irritated by small things. Whoever gets in the way of one of them gets to feel the horns. They love to get angry and often go looking for confrontations.

Now it's important to get it right. If you react the wrong way, it will only make things worse and make the Aries get even angrier. One little spark and the Aries blows up. And once they start it's time to take cover, because an Aries can be quite intimidating. The advantage: An Aries can calm down again as fast as they lost their temper in the first place. Provided you don't keep putting your finger in the wound and pouring salt on it.


Sagittarians are considered at least as irritable as Aries. Don't you dare to push a Sagittarius to their limits, because if you anger one of them, you risk a full load of rage. Sagittarians may not like to admit that of themselves. They usually deny it when you ask them if they are irritable or easy to anger.

This is because the Sagittarius themself does not perceive their impulsiveness. In contrast to the Aries, the Sagittarius doesn't calm down nearly as fast. So anyone who messes with a Sagittarius needs patience and nerves of steel. Sagittarians are known for taking half an eternity to forgive somebody.


Lions are considered the kings of animals. Dominant, strong-willed and powerful. This does not only apply to the giant cats. Leo humans don't think too long, instead, they going when something doesn't suit them. They clearly say what disturbs them and choose direct words rather than soft metaphors. What needs to come out, needs to come out. When the Leo really gets angry, they often fall back into old childhood patterns. It's best not to let that irritate you.

The childish behaviour has a great advantage: when the Leo has let out all his energy and has aired out all their feelings and put into words what disturbed them, then they calm down again. Just like kids do. It is important to always give a Leo plenty of attention, everything else only makes them angrier.

What are your experiences? Have you also noticed that these three zodiac signs get angry particularly often and are irritable or have you noticed other character traits? If you have someone in your circle of friends and acquaintances who is born under the Aries, Leo or Sagittarius sign, then feel free to show them this atricle!

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