Six-Month-Old Baby Elephant Laughs Our Of Joy While Playing

Obviously, it’s incredibly rare to capture footage of a baby elephant giggling with joy. Many people are probably unaware that elephants can even make these types of noises. That’s why this video clip of an elephant giggling is going viral, as people are amazed at the elephant’s happiness and adorable laughing sounds!

It’s no wonder why this video is gaining so much attention: it’s too precious for words! Watching the elephant having fun while playing will remind you of an innocent toddler. This proves that all babies, not just those that are human, are capable of having fun and enjoying themselves!

The video was recorded at the Maevang Elephant Camp located in Chaing Mai, Thailand. A student, named Laura-Jane, came for a visit to Thailand from her home in Aberdeenshire to celebrate her recent college graduation. We’re sure that Laura-Jane never expected to record a video that would go viral while celebrating her accomplishment!

However, once she saw how much fun the baby elephant was having during her visit to the elephant camp, she knew that this was a moment that needed to be shared with others!

When she posted the clip of the adorable elephant onto her social media page, she never would have assumed thousands of other people would see the video. The video features the baby elephant’s caretaker engaging in some playtime activities with the infant. The two are using a plastic bucket as a toy, and it’s clear that the baby elephant finds this incredibly amusing!

Guests stood by watching and became awestruck by the adorable giggling noises coming from the baby elephant. The laugh is so contagious that it’s hard to watch this video without cracking a smile yourself! Lauren-Jane graduated with a Ph.D. in geology, so she’s happy to see that the animals are having fun and enjoying themselves at the elephant camp.

Although many elephants are still captive in cages at the zoo or circus, it’s great to see an elephant enjoying themselves in a natural habitat at the camp. The elephant’s mom can even be seen nearby, watching over the scene to protect her baby but also knowing that they’re safe in their home at the camp.

Clearly, the elephant is relaxed and comfortable enough to engage in playtime and let out a little giggle in the process! What do you think about this precious baby elephant? Let us know in the comments and be sure to pass this article along to others.

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