UK Woman Lives Double Life Making Thousands Pretending To Be Meghan Markle

A woman from Manchester, UK, has made herself a career out of being a Meghan Markle lookalike.

Sarah Mhlanga, 36, has made a name for herself around the UK due to her eerily similar looks with Meghan Markle.

Mhlanga, who is also a performing arts school director and actor, now charges for appearances as the Duchess and was even invited to attend the Royal Wedding.

Speaking to Manchester Evening News, Mhlanga revealed she charges more than $500 for appearances. She also said she is regularly approached by fans as she goes about her day-to-day life for an autograph.

"I get approached by people on the school run, in shops, at the hair or beauty salon,” she told the British publication. “I even got told by another cast member on Hollyoaks that I looked like her,” she added, “which was funny as I was meant to be playing a local councillor and had not done my hair or makeup in any particular way to look like Meghan.”

The 36-year-old told Manchester Evening News, she never realized she resembled Meghan until 2017 when her engagement to Prince Harry was officially announced.

“The weirdest comments I've received is 'can I have your autograph' - people must realize that I am not really Meghan,” said Mhlanga.

She even revealed a woman who had taken a picture with her was so convinced Mhlanga was the actual Duchess that she framed the photo.

Speaking to Manchester Evening News, Mhlanga also said portraying Meghan isn’t hard as the two have a very similar style.

"My style is sophisticated and smart, very much like Meghan,” she said. "I do dress down during the day if I am with my children. However, when I go to work, I choose the pencil skirts, shirts, knee-length dresses, just like Meghan.”

Although Mhlanga is yet to have met Markle, she says the two came very close at her wedding. “I attended her wedding and at one point was about a meter away from her as she went into Windsor Castle to marry Harry,” said Mhlanga.

As well as a lookalike to the Duchess, she is also a fan of hers: “I admire Meghan for her strength of character, her genuine love for Harry and her warmth and kindness towards the public, the community and to children.”

Do you think Sarah looks like Meghan? Have you ever met anybody who looked a lot like someone famous? Let us know in the comments - and make sure you pass this along to your friends and family!

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