Wendy Williams Says Nobody Feels Sorry For Meghan Markle

Talk-show host Wendy Williams has recently been candid about Meghan Markle's situation after the Duchess opened up about her private life in a new documentary.

In a recent ITV documentary following the royal couple on their official tour of southern Africa titled "Harry & Meghan: An African Journey," Meghan talked to reporter Tom Bradby about the emotional journey she has been on after being thrust into the spotlight.

She had been struggling with negative press coverage and being a newlywed as well as a new mother at the same time.

In response to the interview, which made its rounds on the internet last week, the talk-show host Wendy Williams had something to say. In her "Hot Topics" section on her daytime show, she went on a rant saying that she had no sympathy for the Duchess.

"Meghan, nobody feels sorry for you. You knew what you were signing up for girl!" Wendy said according to ET. "You knew exactly what you were doing. And I applaud her plot-ation on the royal situation. But please, don't try to garner sympathy from us. You knew what you were doing."

In the segment, Williams says she does like Harry and Meghan, but that "there's something about her."

"And you know what girl, Meghan, don't be surprised that the paparazzi are everywhere. Of course, because you're now a royal," she continued according to ET. "They weren't following you when you were on Suits, we didn't even know who you were except when you came for employment here at Wendy and wanted to be one of our runway models."

One of her staffers then explained that they wanted to book Meghan as a fashion expert for the show, but when it came time to seal the deal, she became engaged.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are currently on a break from royal duties to spend time with family, according to ET. They will most likely spend time in the US over Thanksgiving, while they are also in the middle of a legal battle with the press.

On October 1, the Duchess of Sussex launched legal action against UK based media Associated Newspapers, citing the “misuse of private information, infringement of copyright and breach of the Data Protection Act 2018” as their claims against the publishers.

Her husband the Duke of Sussex immediately released a statement towards the public condemning the “ruthless campaign” against his wife by the British tabloid press, drawing comparisons to his late mother Diana, Princess of Wales.

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