12-Year-Old Wishes For A Caring Family To Adopt Him For His Birthday

Television station KWTX recently profiled Samuel, a distinctly remarkable young man with a big wish. He is only 12 years old, and for over two years, he has been in the Texas foster care system. His only dream is to build a life with parents who will give him the unconditional love he deserves.

In the interview, he admitted that he is tired of Child Protective Services and has been in foster care since February 8, 2017. He is in need of help from the public to spread word about his mission. While he has grown tired of CPS, he says that he is not tired of the people he has met through the system and that they inspire him.

Kate Thomas, Samuel’s caseworker, said, “He said that he wants to open a residential treatment center. That’s the type of facility that he’s in now. He wants to show kids someday, ‘this was me when I was your age, and you can come out of it as well.’"

According to Thomas, Samuel relates well to adults and is ready and able to give a lot of love. She thinks he will thrive if given the opportunity to be raised by a fitting family. She has said, “He has the capacity to love, and he wants to love. He just needs that family to take that chance on him and give him that home, like all of our kids.”

In the state of Texas, potential adoptive parents must have a license. If you believe that you or someone you know could give young Samuel the lifelong family he so much deserves, the local CPS office will have more information. Without a doubt, someone will read this who is able to provide Samuel with a loving home. Is it someone you know, or maybe even you?

The more people you influence to read about Samuel’s plight, the better the odds are that he and other children in his situation will find the parents they were meant to love.

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