13-year-old Alfie Patten was dubbed ‘Britain’s youngest dad’

When Alfie Patten made headlines around the world after being labeled Britain’s youngest dad, it was a life-changing moment.

He and his family couldn’t go anywhere without being recognized and his parents were being a*ccused of being the “U. K’s worst parents”.

But a DNA test revealed Alfie wasn’t the father of his then 15-year-old girlfriend’s child and he and his family hoped they could return to normality.

Yet the headlines still followed him, and he was even mentioned in U.K. parliament; his name became a symbol of the unruly youth of the day.

Ten years on we look at what Alfie’s life is like now and wonder if this monumental life event had a lasting impact on this young teen.

Speaking to the Mirror newspaper two years after Alfie was a*ccused of fathering a child at 13, his mom Nicola said even after it was proven that Alfie wasn’t the father it still took time to get back to normality.

“Suddenly Alfie’s name was being thrown about in Parliament and on the 10 o’clock news. We were portrayed as a bad family from the wrong side of town,” she told The Mirror.

“Alfie’s a good boy and I was too scared to go out.”

Now ten years later Alfie is making headlines again.

Alfie Patten, now 23 years old, was c*onvicted of c*riminal damage after s*mashing cars and property while d*runk, The Mirror newspaper reported last month.

According to the article, Alfie, who appeared at a c*ourt in the U.K. “narrowly avoided j*ail.”

‘He wants to improve’

The prosecution said officers intervened after Alfie kicked a van, damaged a Skoda (car) and broke a fence while i*ntoxicated.

She said: “He was d*runk, swearing and being aggressive.”

The c*ourt heard that Patten, still lives at home with his mom, doesn’t have a job and drinks a*lcohol most days, the Mirror reports.

Alfie’s defense said: “He wants to improve to become normal and seek peace rather than continue the destructive, chaotic behavior that is deeply dangerous to his health.”

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