2-Year-Old Toddler Becomes Upset When Mom Forgets To Kiss Him Goodbye

We bet that Diana Simos will never forget kissing her kids goodbye again.

The mom from Jacksonville, Florida was in a rush one morning as she sped out the door of her home to get to work on time. She was in such a hurry that she forgot one vital ritual.

Simos was leaving her two children at home with her husband. But 2-year-old Alexander was clearly not happy that his mommy forgot to give him a kiss on her way out. You never really realize how much kids rely on the routines of daily life until it is disrupted. It is clear that little Alexander was not happy at all that his mom forgot to give him a proper goodbye.

Alexander's dad happened to catch the reaction on camera and the video is simply adorable. The clip starts with Alexander looking sad. That changes as he becomes extremely animated, admonishing his mom for forgetting to give him a kiss.

The father is amused by the whole situation, even going so far as to egg on Alexander in his reaction. Alexander continues on with his rant against his forgetful mommy.

Simos posted the video on her Facebook and it did not take long for it to go viral. The doting mom said that she made up for the parenting slip by giving Alexander a ton of kisses since then.

"My baby Alex was very upset he didn’t get the proper goodbye. He had a lot to say and my husband got it all on video," she wrote in her post.

You will melt when you see this precious clip.

After you have watched the video, be sure to spread the cuteness to everyone that you know so that you can make them smile.

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