60-Year-Old Who Walked 12 Miles Home After Early Morning Shift For Months Is Gifted A New Car By Colleagues

Darlene Quinn is a 60-year-old woman who walked 12 miles home from work for three months. She would walk this distance in all sorts of weather. She never complained about her situation to anyone. Her circumstances were noticed by her fellow worker Josh Lewis.

He was moved by Quinn's situation and decided to take action.

Lewis and his boss would offer to drive Quinn to her home using their vehicles. She initially refused, but eventually, the two convinced her to accept their offer. This is when the two were able to learn more about Quinn's situation. Three months earlier, Quinn's vehicle had broken down. She didn't have enough money to fix it. Quinn then had to walk home from work and someone would often drive her to work in the morning.

When the two co-workers learned about Quinn's situation, they wanted to help. Lewis started a GoFundMe account for Quinn. Hundreds of people made donations. The amount raised eventually became large enough and made it possible for Lewis to get Quinn a new vehicle, as reported in USA Today.

One day Quinn was called into the office of Josh Lewis. It was then he confessed to Quinn that he'd secretly been raising money for her on a GoFundMe account. He then told her he did purchase a new car for her. Quinn wasn't able to contain her emotions. Upon hearing this, Quinn immediately broke down in tears.

Quinn worked the 4am shift at FedEx. She was a familiar face with many local people who would see her walking back from work every day. Quinn wanted to thank the many people who contributed to her new car. The surprises for Quinn weren't over. Two local businesses also offered Quinn free tire services and oil changes for her new vehicle whenever it's needed. This is so Quinn can afford the maintenance on her new vehicle.

Lewis said he would not have been able to help Quinn if he had experienced help a few months earlier. This was a time when he was struggling with finances and needed a vehicle and furniture for his apartment. His needs were met by the generosity of friends and family. This experience inspired Lewis to pay forward the kindness he had experienced in his own life.

Just a little bit of kindness can go a long way. Send this story on to friends that might need to hear about the thoughtfulness of others.

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