7-Year-Old Sang With Sign Language At Christmas Concert For Her Deaf Parents

One little girl gave her parents the best Christmas gift that year. The lovely surprise all went down at a school holiday concert. 5-year-old Claire wanted to reward her parents and show them how much she loved them. She succeeded in her efforts in the sweetest way.

All of the parents of the children performing were invited to be part of the audience for the show. Sweet Claire was worried because she knew that her deaf parents would not even be able to hear her singing. But, of course, they were still there in attendance to show support for their daughter.

Claire and her sister have full hearing capabilities and are able to speak and hear normally. However, they learned American sign language when they were very young so that they were able to communicate with their parents. Because of these invaluable skills, Claire was able to sign the words of the song to her parents when it was her turn on stage.

It did not take long for the audience to realize the gift that Claire was giving her mother and father. Everyone was delighted by the heartwarming moment and you will be, too! It is clear from watching the video that Claire loves her parents very much and wanted them to be able to be part of the performance in the only way that they could.

Be sure to watch this touching video and see for yourself how Claire shines on stage. It is easy to think the worst of children when they are misbehaving, but this video will give you hope that the youngest generation does have the best of intentions.

Be sure to spread the joy of this adorable video with everyone that you know. Claire's kind gesture deserves to be seen all over the world.

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