A Young Model With Down Syndrome Has Been Cast As The New Face Of Makeup Brand

Kate Grant is on her way to becoming a star. The 20-year-old model has recently been named the winner of the Teen Ultimate Beauty of the World Pageant. In addition to this honor, Kate also got to strut the runway at the venerable Belfast Fashion Week, The Sun reported.

One of Kate's biggest accomplishments was her recent appointment as a brand ambassador for Benefit cosmetics. What makes this appointment especially meaningful is that Kate is the first person with Down's Syndrome to represent the cosmetics giant. Kate was chosen for this role after she received so many positive comments on an Instagram post featuring a picture of her wearing Benefit eyeliner.

Not surprisingly, Kate's first campaign for Benefit features the company's new matte liquid liner. The campaign is already a hit, garnering applause from people all over the globe. Kate's mother, Deirdre Grant, is clearly proud of her daughter and all of her accomplishments. Hats off to Benefit for showing that they are a brand that promotes inclusiveness. It is no wonder that this campaign is turning heads everywhere.

Deidre told Metro U.K that Kate is paving the way for people of all kinds of disabilities to prove that they can reach all of their goals. One of Kate's goals is to promote the universal inclusion of people with disabilities. Deidre said that one of Kate's primary life objectives is to prove that her disability does not define her.

Tell us what you think in the comments section below and check out Kate's stunning modeling photos. After you have looked through the pictures, be sure to spread them around to everyone else that you know. Kate and her spirit deserve to be celebrated!

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