According To Research, Women Turn Into Their Moms From Age 33 On

Growing up from the sweet little child that you were into full-blown adulthood can be both a good and bad thing. Our youthful age is simply like a beginner course where you get to learn new things everyday about yourself.

You use trial and error until you get things right. You embrace your failures and are not afraid of them because you know that your parents have your back.

After you finish school and move out of your parent’s house, you begin your life as an adult. If you’re still in your twenties, it’s still okay to experiment and try different things. However, remember that you have to be independent and learn to fend for yourself. Therefore, you shouldn’t be too free with experimentation. Moderate yourself. Whether you are a man or woman, time flies when you’re in your twenties. Before you know it, you are in your thirties. However, reaching your thirties isn’t as bad as you may think. It is here that you begin to develop some odd and surprisingly familiar behaviors.

One day you may wake up and perform your duties as usual until suddenly, something goes wrong. It could be that you banged your little toe against the edge of the wall or even dropped a glass and broke it into pieces. When that happens, you may find yourself suddenly angry and uttering very bad words.

This is the very moment that your memory begins to recollect itself, and you begin to think to yourself, ‘Where have I heard that phrase before?’ Then, as you continue with your daily activities, you start to dig deeper as you wonder where you heard that familiar phrase before. You fill yourself a glass of water and relax. Then, as you start to drink the water, it suddenly dawns on you that the phrase was something that your mom would say when faced with the same frustrating situation.

As funny as this may sound, there’s no other explanation to this other than the fact that you’re finally beginning to take on the same character as your mother. Indeed, you eventually become like your mother. Yes, what you had been afraid of all through your teenage years starts to happen.

According to a scientific study by The Harley Medical Group, it’s now been discovered that women above the age of thirty start to take after their mother’s personality traits without noticing. These imitational behaviors mainly include similar hobby participation, applying the use of similar sayings and phrases as well as watching or enjoying the same form of entertainment.

The same scientific research shows that this medical and psychological change is highly likely to take place at one point in time of your life. A surgeon by the name Dr. Julian De Silva from Harley Street carried out a study that included test subjects of two-thousand men and women. The main aim of the research was to observe the behavioral correlations between both men and women. The results obtained were simply outstanding.

Dr. Silva discovered that women begin to take after some of their mother’s behavioral habits past 30. The average age is 33. These character traits mainly include attitudes, tastes, habits, ways of doing tasks, responses and even thoughts to some extent. All these may gradually take place without you having any idea that they were within your capability in the first place.

However, the study doesn’t go the extra mile of explaining exactly why this happens during the thirties or maybe it just lacks solid evidence that pinpoints a clear reason. Therefore, it’s safe to say that the reason remains unclear, but some scientists are still looking into it so that they can find a clear explanation for the phenomenon.

Regardless of the core-reason, the study shows that the behavioral correlation is far more evident in women especially those that have already had their firstborn child. The average age where this is likely to take place is 30.05 years old.

The reason why the study still remains valid is because of the number of correspondents used. Dr. Silva worked with two-thousand participants. This number is quite large. Furthermore, more than half of the female participants admitted that they had already realized the correlation with their mother’s behavior after they had turned 30 years of age.

Interestingly, in your twenties, you are less likely to behave like your parent because you are still in that rebellious state. This is just a behavior that people develop in order to push themselves away from their parent’s personality traits and pursue their interests as a way of establishing self-identity.

The study also showed that the same happens in men, but there were more subtle differences discovered.

Men tend to take their father’s characteristics in their mid-30s. Furthermore, they don’t exactly copy their dads in every aspect. Unknowingly, most men will share the same political views as their dads.

The study also revealed that we tend to look more and more like our parents as we age. This is why some people go for cosmetic surgery so that they can delay the process as long as possible.

However, we don’t think that it’s such a bad thing to be like your parent. Just look at how you turned out because of how they raised you. Yes, they made their mistakes, but are you always perfect? You have also made a few mistakes during your lifetime. So, why not give your parents a break?

Are you a man or woman in your thirties? Do you think that you resemble any of your parents either physically or behavior-wise? Let us know your thoughts in the comments and be sure to pass this along to your parents!


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